It is a proven scientific fact that these filters work!  If you don't believe me, just ask Nikon.  Professional photographers around the world have been using this technique for over 50 years.

It is the job of these filters to convert the light from your camera's flash to closely match the ambient light illuminating the scene.  (Beyond this, it is the photographer's responsibility to set the camera to the correct white balance and provide appropriate post-production adjustments - just as you would without using Sticky Filters.)

Once this is achieved, your digital camera's built-in software (white balance conversions) is used to further color correct the photograph.

Each camera is different, each scene is different.  Some cameras will only get close to the correct color.  Others will nail it perfectly.  Post-production color correction is usually needed for all digital images, I don't care how good of a photographer you are!!  It is best to pre-set a custom white balance! You can also shoot in RAW mode.

(A word of caution!)  Most older point-&-shoot type digital cameras require a custom white balance be set in order to use Sticky Filters effectively.  On the other hand, most SLR type digital cameras will allow you to set your white balance to one of the factory pre-set white balance settings.  Some cameras we have tested will allow you to use Auto WB.  Test your camera for proper setting prior to important shooting assignments.

Natural daylight is infinitly varialble in color from a warm rosy red to a cold blue and everything in between.  This in mind, the Hazy Overcast filter may only get you close to your desired color.

The best advice I can give you is find a reputable photo lab that knows what proper color should look like in a photo.  This usually means finding a custom pro lab to do your printing.  No!   XYZ-Mart won't get it!!!

MPS, Inc. will not be responsible for loss of photos due to "light source / filter missmatch" or you setting your camera wrong, or poor quality printing.  Furthermore MPS, Inc. will not be held responsible for any possible damage to your flash or camera because of high temperature use of the MPS Sticky Filters.  Please visit our "Tips" page for use warnings!

Be aware of the new trend in home interior lighting - the new energy saving screw-in fluorescent bulb!  These bulbs are sometimes made to look like a standard 100 watt tungsten light bulb, but the color will be that of a fluorescent bulb.  We will be watching this trend over the next few years to see if any changes need to be made in our filters.

You may incounter multiple mixed light sources in some scenes.  Sticky filters are designed to match the flash with only one of those sources.  Choose the strongest source of illumination.

Sticky filters are not designed to color correct for certain types of lamps that have an obvious color cast such as yellow bug lamps or Christmas lights.  This may include certain types of outdoor street lamps.

Sticky filters are not fool proof!  Like any advanced photographic tool, a certain amount of forethought and action must be exercised in order to get the desired results.

MPS Sticky Fill Flash Correction Filters are designed for on-camera type strobes and not for studio type "hot lights".  Hot lights are exactly that - HOT!  Sticky Filters can be melted if placed over this type of light.  Please use only as suggested.  Don't place them over any flash using a modeling lamp!  Melting will occur.  Sticky Filters are made of polyester material just like any other brand of gel filter, and so can be melted if enough heat is applied.

MPS, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in the product as we see fit.

MPS, Inc. reserves the right to change purchase prices, shipping / handling prices, and incentive programs without notice.