The following are testamonial comments from actual users of Sticky Filters.  To contribute a testamonial contact us at:

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"Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most brilliant.  Take Sticky Filters......"  Popular Photography magazine, December 2007 issue.

"We shot the entire wedding with the filters.  I don't know how we ever lived without them.  I truly believe you have a good product that photographers need."   Ralph Romeguera, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, F-ASP, Instructor - PPA Texas School.

"I want to thank you for Sticky Filters.  They're great!  I've been using them and will be introducing them to my students in the Lighting Theory classes that I teach."   Ralph A. Clevenger,  Professional Photography Instructor, Brooks Institute, Santa Barbara, CA.

"I just got through testing your filters and it works for me just like it did in the good old days...  I think it is a valuable tool for most photographers."     ~     "I use this technique and even teach it at my classes at Texas School and PPA.  Your idea of making them sticky and reusable is a gem."   Steve Kozak, M. Photog. Cr., CPP, Instructor - PPA Texas School.
"Sticky Filters work!  They are a real solution to a real problem.  My wedding reception candids have never looked better."  --  John Kennett, Child Art Studio, Paraguld, AR.

"Your fluorescent filters do a much better job than the Rosco swatch book samples I've been using.  You really did your homework to come up with the right color."  Steven Spades,  Orlando, FL

"It is so easy to just stick them on to any flash, I will never go back to using the swatch books again."  Justin Smith, Oklahoma

"It is amazing that someone actually came up with a filter system that fits just about any digital camera on the market."  -- Jimmy Watkins, Batesville, AR.

"Does your wife know that you are this smart?"  Mark Foster, Jonesboro, AR.

"The first time I used the Sticky Filters on a paying job was inside the manufacturing plant of Baldwin Piano & Organ Company.  I switched between both the Cool White and the Unknown Fluorescent filters as I moved from one part of the factory to another.  The resulting images were free of any color cast from the existing fluorescent lights.  It was too easy.  Thanks for a great product!"   Richard Bishop, Jonesboro, AR.

"Your Sticky Filters work great!  I shot two weddings with them this weekend and didn't get any green hair or backgrounds in any of my receiption shots.  Switching back and forth from the fluorescent to the tungsten filters was fast.  While shooting with one color filter, I just stuck the other one to the top of my Nikon SB-800 till I needed it again.  Can't do that with Nikon's gels!"   Lindi Stoner, Texarkana, TX.

"I wasn't going to buy a set of Sticky Filters at first - I thought they were a little pricey for me.  Then three days later, a client called needing shots of the inside of a factory where they mold car parts out of zinc.  The factory was illuminated by nothing but rows and rows of fluorescent lights.  He said it was important that the color in the photos represented the product accurately.  The filters arrived just in time for the shoot.  A quick custom white balance later and I have a happy client.  He said that nobody had ever been able to get it right until now.  That comment was priceless!  Thanks!"   Jeff Butler, Memphis, TN.

"I have had a set of Sticky Filters out in the open in my car for about two weeks now.  The outside temperature has hit over 100 degrees most every day and the filter pack is in direct sun for about two hours each day.  My car is maroon in color and gets very hot inside.  The filters have held up very well."  Kent Watkins, Father of Sticky Filters.

"I used your filters today and your cool white filter gives the best color I�ve ever seen with fluorescents."   Ernie Rice, Arkansas State University Photo Instructor, Jonesboro, AR

"This is a very good and extremly useful product.  If white balance is important to you, then Sticky Filters should be in your bag."  Scott Eccleston,  Biddeford, Maine.

I am the author of Sculpting Wtih Light; Techniques for Portrait Photographers (Amhurst Media, Oct. 2008).  I am currently working on Book #2 and would like to include your filters in my book.  I became aware of your filters through a fellow photographer.  What a great idea!   Allison Earnest, Colorado Springs, CO