Your initial Sticky Filter purchase includes a lifetime supply of filters as yours begin to age.

Over time, as you use the Sticky Filters, they will become worn and may loose their sticking ability.  We have included two complete sets of filters with your initial purchase so you can be using one set and keeping the other set like new.

How long your set of filters lasts depends on your flash equipment, your shooting style, how much you use them, and how well you take care of them.

When you wear out a set, just mail it back to us, along with a small processing, shipping & handling fee.  We will send you a fresh set of Sticky Filters ASAP.  While you are waiting on the new set to arrive you can be working with the second set that you have held in reserve.

Click on this link and print out the Filter Trade-In Form.  It is in .PDF format.  Stick your old filters onto the form and fill out the information fields with your information.  Mail it to the address on the form along with the apropriate funds.  Credit cards and cashiers checks will be processed immediately.  Other forms of payment will delay shipping.  If you dare to send cash I will process the order immediately (although I assume no responsiblility for lost cash!)

Learn how to avoid the processing / shipping / handling charge!  Click Here!

Replacement filters will be sent through U.S. Postal Service.

We will only replace filters that are sent back to us - up to a total of five (5) filters, one of each color.